Football in the mud aka Old Leigh Regatta (Pathe archives) 1952



Archival film of Old Leigh Regatta, 1952

Text description and copyright by Pathe:
"GV. Crowded Leigh on Sea beach (first 7ft for super). SV. Sweeps v. Millers contestants bombarding each others with soot and flour from boats. SV. Type throwing soot bag. SV. Type being hit by bag. SV. Both sides throwing spot and flour. SV. Contestants jump from boats into water. LV. Contestant falling from greasy pole. FCU. Woman laughing. SV. Another type falling from pole. SV. Contestant doing belly-flop into water. SV. Another type falls from pole base first. CU. Gummy type laughing. SV. Successful contestant opening pigeon basket on end of pole. SV. Policemen and Fishermen teams walking across beach for football game. SV. People looking on. LV. Teams chasing ball through mud. SV.SCU. Teams chasing ball through mud, they finish up wrestling in mud. CU. Type diving after ball. SV. Other players dive on him. SCU. People watching him. SV. Players struggling for ball. One man's trousers fall down, he pulls them up, general melee in mud for ball. "

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